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3 Reasons To Try Online Therapy in the State of Michigan

by Tanya R. Bankston, MA, LLPC

Woman typing on laptop. If you're in need of support, our online therapists can help. Learn how online therapy in Detroit, MI or online therapy in Michigan can help you on your mental health journey. Call now and begin therapy in Detroit, MI soon!

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our world and turned everyday routines into chaos, anxiety, and uncertainty literally overnight. The first few weeks of the pandemic last year in March of 2020, caused many people to endure uncertainty and panic in isolation. This caused a myriad of mental health challenges. 

The Landscape of Online Therapy Has Changed Significantly

As an online therapist in Detroit, MI, I saw a huge increase in clients whose needs included depression, anxiety, and grief. In fact, calls for mental health appointments skyrocketed. The result was many individuals being unable to find a therapist with availability for months. The state of Michigan shut down, which resulted in therapy rooms closing. This led to the demand for online platforms that are HIPAA compliant. Plus the need for our clients to navigate as they seek out the best therapist. Therefore, if you are new to online therapy in Michigan, you are in for a real journey into the 21st century of mental health. 

Here are Some Reasons to Schedule a Session for Online Therapy in Michigan.

Online Therapists Must Be Licensed in The State

Business man typing on computer.

First, the online therapists in Michigan are governed by the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Board or LARA. LARA has set standards and criteria that we all must meet and maintain. This is to serve the mental health needs of the residents of the state of Michigan. These standards include school requirements, hours of supervision requirements, CEU’s requirements, and scope of practice requirements just to name a few. LARA monitors these requirements to protect the residents of Michigan against individuals practicing without the proper training and/or credentials.

Each professional discipline has a different set of standards. Some therapists are

  • Liscensed Professional Counselors (LPC)
  • Marriage and Family Counselor (MFT)
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Liscensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

All of these professionals are required by the state of Michigan to operate under a Code of Ethics to do our client no harm (with a list of other professional standards). Violations of these standards could result in loss of license, stiff fines, and/or jail sentences depending on the violation. Check out LARA for more information.

Another Advantage to Online Therapy in Michiagb is Accessibility.

Prior to the pandemic, mental health providers in the state of Michigan could provide service to any Michigan resident. However, that required traveling to a specific destination. Therefore, there were also restrictions by health insurance companies of providers being limited to practicing in specific counties only.  Online therapy in Detroit, MI, and Michigan can occur anywhere in Michigan. This eases the limitations of distance and increases the possibility of locating a qualified online therapist in Michigan. The needs of Michigan residents can be met by Michigan therapists. Plus it can be from anywhere in the state at the push of a button. 

Convenience is a Great Reason to Seek out an Online Therapist.

Most online therapists in Detroit, MI do not provide therapy with 24-hour accessibility. Many do provide late evening hours, and weekend hours. Luckily this is available with the ease of clicking an online portal option rather than getting in a car and driving to a location. This eliminates dealing with traffic, weather, and other travel restrictions. During the pandemic, I saw clients at 9 pm many nights, and Sunday was a regular workday for me. 

Confidentiality in Online Therapy is Increased with Online Waiting Rooms

A plus is that virtual waiting rooms do not get crowded. Clients do not have to worry about the stigma attached to seeing a mental health professional. Talking to a qualified mental health professional in a virtual waiting room is a winning move for any Michiganian. Several platforms can aid you in locating a therapist online. This includes Psychology Today and Therapy for Black Girls are just a few that offer listings of therapists.

Begin Online Therapy in Michigan for Mental Health Support!

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As busy women or high-functioning individuals, we have a lot going on. With kids, family, relationships, and work. Additionally, you may be a young professional, young adult, or you’re experiencing a life transition. We can provide guidance. Our Detroit, MI counseling practice has black therapists who specialize in working with people of color and minorities. We know that asking for help isn’t easy. This is why we want to provide a therapy service where you feel heard and seen. Your experiences are valid. No matter where you are in your mental health journey, we will meet you where you are. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Contact Introspective Counseling  
  2. Meet with one of our skilled online therapists!
  3. Begin balancing the demands of everyday life at a rate that supports you!