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Self-Care For Superwoman Syndrome

By Tanya R Bankston, MA, LLPC. Today’s modern woman  wears multiple hats: wife, mother, employee, entrepreneur, etc. just to name a few. To complicate matters, within each of these roles lie multifaceted responsibilities. These can require transformation of those responsibilities within a moment’s notice. Boundaries can become blurred or non-existent while expectations remain high to […]

Dating Post-Pandemic

Dating Post-Covid-19

Dating post-pandemic? Face it, there’s a minefield out there. Is your potential partner anti-mask? Anti-Vax? Let’s unpack Covid-19 dating.

Habits of Highly Successful People

Lit up blue neon sign saying work harder. Its ok to be success and hard working, but overcoming perfectionism as a high achiever can create unhealthy behaviors. Get support with therapy for high achievers in Detroit, MI and begin recovering. Call now for online therapy in Michigan and therapy for men in Detroit, MI!

By Jarrette Wright-Booker LPC, CAADC You probably clicked on this article hoping to add a couple of tips to your quest for a success tool bag. Well, this ain’t it! This is the article for individuals struggling with the other side of being a high achiever. You know, the stressful side that may include: overthinking, […]

On Self Care: Self-Care Tips

Woman floating and happy

Despite always having the highest levels of labor market participation, Black women are still more likely to be paid less and more likely excluded from or discriminated against when seeking careers in professional fields.

On Being A Mom

Mother and child hug

Being a Mom is, by far, the most challenging work we will likely ever do with a close second or tie with being a woman.