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Habits of Highly Successful People

By Jarrette Wright-Booker LPC, CAADC

You probably clicked on this article hoping to add a couple of tips to your quest for a success tool bag. Well, this ain’t it. This is the article for individuals seeking or considering therapy for high achievers. This article is meant to challenge your idea of success and hopefully bring to the forefront how those ideas have been influenced by cultural and societal messaging.

Are you exhausted of living up to high expectations?

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If you’re sitting at the opposite end of the “success” journey, you’re likely exhausted, dissatisfied and it’s quite possible that you have encountered a lingering feeling of betrayal. Perhaps, you’ve allowed success to be defined for you by your parents, TV, friends, school, books…the list is endless. If you did, you were probably expecting a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that would ensure some level of permanent joy. And yet here you are looking around and asking yourself “Is this it? There must be more”. If that sounds like you, you are in the right place. Our therapists provide therapy for high achievers in Detroit, MI, and understand what you’re dealing with.

Let’s talk about the construct of success. Yes, I said it – construct.

According to Webster’s dictionary, a construct is a product of ideology, history, or social circumstances. This means that as a group, we’ve agreed that the achievement meant of certain things equal “success”. These things usually include:

  • a higher level of education
  • high-powered/income-based career
  • driving a certain car
  • living in a certain home or neighborhood
  • marriage
  • kids
  • a dog or cat

Based on this list in totality means that a person is successful if they check off all the items. Seems easy, right? Well, we all know that’s wrong. Think about all the time that you invest to achieve all those items on the list. So, most of us were about ten years old when we last enjoyed a full, boring summer. That means we’ve likely been working toward this construct of success for a pretty long time. And somewhere along the way, the art of rest and balance disappear. This is a tenet we explore in therapy for high achievers and young adults in Detroit, MI. We need to challenge these beliefs because success looks different for everyone.

Let’s be Honest…

Do you find yourself wanting art of rest and balance back? Time, leisure, joy, fulfillment, the ability to create and use your time freely? Is that success – freedom? Freedom from oppressive ideas that keep us trapped in a vicious cycle of work to prove that we are valuable, productive, and successful humans? Perhaps, you’re looking for ways to begin to redefine success? Additionally, If you’re not there yet, I’m challenging you to do so anyway. 

Traps that High Achievers and Young Adults Fall Into

Beautiful yellow sunflower opening. At therapy for high achievers in Detroit, MI, we are here to help. Overcoming perfectionism is important for high achievers. Learn about some of these traps and consider if online therapy in Michigan may help. Call now for therapy for men in Detroit, MI and beyond!

Here’s a list of some traps that keep us from being free enough to begin defining or redefining success: The mounting obligation trap. How much of your day/time centers around “shoulds” and “musts”. Do you find you are often doing the things that you WANT to do, spending time the way you’d like to spend it? How many of your obligations are defined by someone other than yourself? I’m not talking about your employer, In fact, I’m talking about society and culture. If you’re in a place where you’re feeling like you can’t say NO. Or, have little time for yourself. And, you have completely lost yourself in a pile of obligations, ask yourself what needs to change

The self-esteem trap. 

For those of us ranking being productive and successfulness with our human value, this is for you. Do you find it difficult to relax? This may be because you can’t give yourself permission to do so without completing a mountain of tasks. Likely, your self-worth is based on your ability to perform. Additionally, your nervous system is likely all out of wack. So you may find yourself feeling edgy and irritable. What’s worse is that you can’t seem to find the words to extend compassion and understanding. This reduces your ability to permit relaxation. How would relaxing – truly relaxing – improve your quality of life?

The unrealistic expectation trap. 

Do you hold yourself to high standards, unreachable expectations, and inflexibility? you struggle to accept any outcome other than the one you’ve made yourself most comfortable with. Additionally, this will keep you in a space of staying unfulfilled. It’s time to practice openness and flexibility. This can give you some relief. It may be challenging in the beginning. Yet, it’s the antithesis of perfectionism. Soon you will find that the discomfort of not controlling for every outcome. So, perfectionism disappears and a new level of self-awareness emerges.

These are just a few of the most notable trappings of the construct of success. If you found yourself on that list and you’re ready to try something new, now is a great time to start. 

Check out these tips we use in therapy for high achievers: 

•Practice letting go of ideas and expectations
•Be flexible and open with outcomes
•Observe and notice your experience
•Be curious about how your responses (your thoughts AND actions) are helpful to the life experience you want for yourself 

Begin Therapy for High Achievers in Detroit, MI if you Need Help Overcoming These Traps!

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I hope these tips help you with your journey toward defining success for yourself. Know that no matter where you end up or find yourself, there are always new possibilities. You just have to allow yourself to be open to them. If you’re struggling to do this, online therapy can help you discover yourself, find balance, and live out your life with more direction and peace. Our Detroit, MI counseling practices have caring therapists who specialize in therapy for high achievers and professionals. I am truly ready to meet you where you are at. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Introspective Counseling 
  2. Meet with one of our empathetic therapists
  3. Begin escaping these traps and begin living with balance!

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