Jessica Collado MA, LLPC

Michigan Limited Licensed Counselor
Jessica Collado, MA

As a multicultural and bilingual psychotherapist, I understand the challenges of feeling unseen and misunderstood.  People may make assumptions based on the way you show up. Or, people may seemingly require you to be someone different than who you know yourself to be.  Is it hard for you to tell the difference? Are you being yourself or are you being who others want you to be? Maybe you want to break free of the roles and expectations placed on you by friends, family and the world but you don’t know how.  You don’t want to risk losing the people that matter most but you also don’t want to risk losing yourself in the process.  

My goal is not to change you. My goal is to create a safe and welcoming relationship that cultivates self-awareness to aid in the discovery and acceptance of your authentic self.  The self that is unburdened by other’s needs and expectations; the self that holds tightly to courage while doing the hard things like learning healthy communication, conflict/resolution and emotional regulation skills, creating boundaries, saying no and letting go of toxic relationships and unhelpful self-beliefs.  

I specialize in working with court-ordered clients but also have extensive experience working with clients from all walks of life including couples and individuals who struggle with substance abuse, anger management, human trafficking, sexual assault, domestic violence, LGBTQ+ issues, PTSD and trauma responses including but not limited perfectionism and hyper-independence. I am trauma-focused and Gottman trained. I also have experience working with immigration proceedings.

As a graduate of Oakland University with a MA in Clinical Counseling and advocacy experience for victims of crimes (VOCA) for LGBTQ+, BIPOC and Hispanic communities, I have an unbridled passion for helping people work through their traumas to grab hold of the life they deserve.  I would be honored to accompany you on your journey toward self-discovery and actualization.

License Number: 6451018299