Nerissa Legg


Many of us struggle in relationships with ourselves and others because we struggle with trusting and accepting that we are truly worthy of the love and acceptance we crave.  Our childhoods may have taught us that we were too different.  We may have chosen to conform, going along to get along to ensure that our emotional and physical needs were met, often to our own emotional detriment.  Because of ongoing challenges with fitting in with friends and family, we may find that we also avoid relationships with others, have a hard time trusting or are too trusting, engage in disparaging self talk to sustain isolation, or find that our lack of boundaries allows others to have access to parts of us that should be better protected.

Nerissa believes that a trusting relationship is the most important component for change. She endeavors to create a safe space for unlearning relational patterns and/or dynamics that no longer serve you while nurturing a relationship where you are completely accepted, respected and valued – a relationship where you can discover the true you, the one that’s buried under the layers of other’s expectations.

Nerissa specializes in treating: depression, anxiety, low self esteem, trauma (sexual and physical) racial identity issues, body image issues and marital/familial conflict. She is trauma informed and trained in EMDR – a technique that is highly effective at reducing and eliminating trauma symptoms. She is an eclectic, person-centered therapist with a leaning toward Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

A graduate of Wayne State University with a Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling, Nerissa is also well versed in treating addictions and is working toward completion of her Certificate of Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counseling. Her years of experience in a multitude of settings, including psychiatric hospitals, private practice and her own mental health focused non-profit, have provided her with the skills necessary to cultivate meaningful relationships that successfully promote the change her clients seek.