Hidden Signs of Depression

Grey scale photo of someones hand outside. Dealing with depression can be exhausting, especially if you don't know how to address the symptoms and signs of depression in Detroit, MI. See how depression treatment in Michigan can serve you going forward. Call now for online therapy.

By Jarrette Wright-Booker LPC, CAADC Many people think depression looks like sadness, staying in the bed, and poor hygiene. All in that order. Other people think that a person must look depressed in order to be depressed. Or, that you need a reason to be depressed. For many of us experiencing depression, these ideas keep […]

Self-Care For Superwoman Syndrome

By Tanya R Bankston, MA, LLPC. Today’s modern woman  wears multiple hats: wife, mother, employee, entrepreneur, etc. just to name a few. To complicate matters, within each of these roles lie multifaceted responsibilities. These can require transformation of those responsibilities within a moment’s notice. Boundaries can become blurred or non-existent while expectations remain high to […]

Relationship Boundaries, Expectations, and Standards for Daily Living: Part 1

By Tanya R Bankston, MA, LLPC So what are relationship boundaries and why are they important? I speak with people all the time about boundaries, and I often get responses such as, “I guess I don’t have boundaries, “I never took the time to talk about boundaries, or “I never thought about it.” For the […]

Dating Post-Pandemic

Dating Post-Covid-19

Dating post-pandemic? Face it, there’s a minefield out there. Is your potential partner anti-mask? Anti-Vax? Let’s unpack Covid-19 dating.

Self-Care Tips For 2022: 15 Tips

Self Care in Bathtub

“Self-care” means more than a manicure, pedicure or some “me time” at the coffee shop. Here are 15 self-care tips to create healthy habits.