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Therapy for the modern woman

You do so much to care for others but when it’s time to care for yourself, you can’t find the time or the energy. Or maybe as you are reading these words, you’ve realized that you’ve ignored yourself for so long that you don’t know where you start and others begin.

Therapy For Teens, Adults and Couples

We are so glad you are here…

Struggles in relationships have you feeling misunderstood, lonely and overextended. You’re trying to determine if it’s a “me” problem or a “them” problem.

You’ve just had your first or third child and you’re finding that motherhood OR fatherhood is not quite what you imagined.

Academic or career transitions have you questioning: “Can I keep going?” “What’s next?” “Is this it?!?”

Life changes have you wondering whether you’ll ever get back to feeling like yourself again.

Or, maybe you can’t put your finger on the ‘WHY’ but you just know you haven’t been feeling like your best self lately.

It’s safe to say that you’re here because you’ve reached an impasse. You’ve decided you want something better for yourself. And although you might not yet know which way to go, rest assured, you’ve found the place that can help you discover the path to take.

At Introspective Counseling, we help teens, adults and couples to FEEL and BE better. With in person or virtual morning, evening and weekend appointments, we can cultivate a safe space for self discovery and healing at a time that works for you.

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The choice of a therapist is personal. The challenges you’re experiencing require a counselor with the training and experience to create a plan for you and manage the process.

That’s why Introspective Counseling LLC is a group of experienced mental health professionals committed to your treatment goals. 

We Invite You To Reclaim Your Energy and Invest In Your Most Valuable Asset: You

You're the one you've been waiting for

We work with women to address these issues as well as provide screening and assessment for other mood and mental health issues including: postpartum depression, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and trauma.

Your place for calming resources all in one space.  For support in between sessions and when you need a space to re-center and ground, this pocket sized calming room is a holding space for tips, tools and strategies just for you. It’s accessibility makes it easy to use when on the go, at work or home. 

The Calming Room

You Are More Than Enough

We endeavor to not only help you uncover your abundance but to help you discover how to direct your energy in a way that allows for the best version of yourself to become a consistent reality. 

We honor you as the expert on yourself and provide a safe space for you to rediscover yourself while exploring, defining or redefining your values.

The Answer Is Within