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Online Therapy in Michigan

You’re looking for help, but you just don’t have time for the commute.

With work, school, and family duties, you’re worried that your mental health is being affected, and you’re not sure where to turn

Perhaps, you’re concerned about whether or not online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy. 

Black woman with beautiful curl fro smiling. Regardless of where you are, we can hep you with online therapy in Detroit, MI. Our black therapists know that asking for help is a process. Begin to find the needed support in online therapy in Michigan today. Additionally, we can serve men in therapy for men today!

Here at Introspective Counseling in Detroit, MI, we understand that you may have many reservations about beginning online therapy. This may be your first time seeking out mental health support, or perhaps, you’ve never had a therapist who could truly understand your unique needs. Therefore, you may be wondering how an online therapist could be any better?  Therefore, getting the support you need takes the right online therapist who can understand your struggles and our therapists are here to provide that support. 

No matter if you’re dealing with motherhood, substance issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, or life changes, online we can support you in-person or via online therapy in Detroit, MI. 

There are many benefits you can gain from online therapy

You may be considering all the ways this could go wrong, but online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy, especially, when you’re working with the right therapist for you. Some benefits of online mental health support include:

  • Finding a  therapist in your area may not easy, but with the help of online therapy, you can begin working with a skilled clinician in your area.
  • If your insurance offers limited providers, online services make therapists who specialize more accessible.
  • More options for privacy. If you’re worried about running into someone you know, online therapy removes this barrier.
  • If you have a disability or illness that prevents you from getting around, you still get the quality care you deserve.
  • Often online therapy services are more affordable.
  • Anxiety about talking with a therapist who doesn’t understand your perspective is reduced with the options available online. Plus, all our therapists specialize in different services and modalities, so we are here to help you with any need.

If you’re unsure whether online therapy in Detroit, MI, or Statewide is for you, trust me our clinicians can help!

At Introspective Counseling, we know that you may have concerns about online therapy. You may worry that without the in-person experience, your therapist won’t be able to truly understand what you’re feeling especially if you don’t have the words right now. Or, you may be unsure about privacy and confidentiality over the telehealth platform. We get it! There are many concerns about beginning a new therapeutic relationship, but our hope for you is that you are heard and know that you’re valued as a person whether you’re working with us in the office or decide to work with us online. Many of our online clients have made progress and breakthroughs while working with our online therapists and we hope you will work with us and trust our process. 

Happy and smiling close up of black man. Regardless of where you are and who you're our black therapists are here to support you in online therapy in Detroit, MI or statewide. We offer therapy for women and therapy for men. Call now for support!

Do you offer online therapy for men?

While most of our clientele are women in Detroit and surrounding areas, we recognize that men need support too. Our therapists are here to help. Feel free to schedule an appointment and see if our services align with your goals. Many of our therapists have worked with men’s mental health in the past and would be honored to work with you through whatever life transitions you’re dealing with. 

Services Offered at Introspective Counseling through Online Therapy Services

Online Anxiety Therapy and Perfectionism Treatment

As women, we are high achieving, nurturing, and hopeful. However, many women deal with perfectionism and anxiety on a day-to-day basis. We are taught that we need to be without flaws and be successful to be valued. We may spend more time thinking about how others perceive us, that we often forget how to love and accept ourselves as we are. If you’re struggling to develop self-love and give yourself grace day to day, then therapy for anxiety and perfectionism may help you find balance.

Therapy for Moms Online

Being a mom isn’t as pretty as TV makes it seem. There are stressful and ugly parts that people often keep out. We can’t always be strong and put together. Everyone needs breaks, rest, and support. We are allowed to have moments of weakness and it not be a definition of who we are as a person. If you’re struggling with isolation, shame, or finding strength during this time, then reach out to our therapists. Motherhood isn’t the only identity you hold and taking care of you as a person matters too. Begin therapy for moms online

Online PTSD Treatment and Trauma Therapy

Taking about the tough moments is often overlooked. We forget that when we have dealt with trauma, childhood trauma, or have survived abuse and neglect, that it takes a toll on our well-being. You may be feeling stuck. It’s like you’re trying to move forward and instead, you take ten steps back. Furthermore, you may be dealing with anxiety, depression, or recovering from the grief of a massive loss. Our therapists understand that healing from trauma is not a linear process, but our trauma therapists are here to guide you forward. Begin PTSD treatment and trauma therapy today!

Therapy for High Achievers Online

No tells you how stressful life changes are as you navigate career changes, school, relationships, and young adulthood. Often people skip over the natural stresses that come along with a life transition. Some are good while others require a significant amount of change and sometimes grief comes along. If you’re seeking some help, then therapy for high achievers and therapy for young adults may help you find balance. 

Online Therapy for Working Professionals

Here is the thing, many of us are working twice as hard to get half as far. It is exhausting. We work overtime, weekends, and long hours just to be looked over for promotions and new opportunities. Meanwhile, you may be dealing with more distress at home because your family doesn’t help out and it feels like no one is in your corner on both ends. You need support and space to breathe. Online therapy for working professionals may be helpful for you.

Happy interracial couple holding each other and smiling at the beach. Our therapists are here to guide you toward better mental heath. Get the support you have been seeking in online therapy in Michigan today. We provide therapy for anxiety, trauma, perfectionism, couples, working professionals, and more. Call now!

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy Online

Not everyone has a picture-perfect relationship, in fact, no one does. There are good days and bad days when you’re dealing with a relationship. Some days you love each other and other days you cannot stand being in the same room. We get it, but what is important when conflicts occur is that you do not shut down communication. Get in touch with a couples therapist and start finding the support for your relationship in marriage counseling and couples therapy

Online Therapy for Life Transitions 

Life transitions happen. It’s a part of the journey, we are people who are capable of great change and flexibility. Sometimes this can be intimidating. If you’re a parent dealing with burnout, a mom caring for a new baby, a young adult working on relationships, or an adult caring for a family member then talking with a therapist about how to set up a realistic self-care plan for you is key to you thriving. When you’re ready, begin therapy for life transitions

Grief Counseling Online

Recovering and finding a new norm from a loss is a process. Whether you’re experiencing grief the death of a loved one, losing a good or toxic relationship, or you’re dealing with new life transitions due to a person in your life being incarcerated, we can help. Grief counseling serves many purposes. If you’re struggling with the day-to-day flow of life, then consider talking with a grief therapist from the comfort of your own space.

The Introspective Counseling Approach to Online Therapy in Michigan

In therapy, you will work with a skilled therapist who is there to provide space for you as you work on your goals and desires in therapy. Together we will unpack what is going on so you can find healthy coping mechanisms and decide what is helping you and what is holding you back. 

Furthermore, we may use approaches such as ACT, EMDR, Brainspotting, Mindfulness. The goal is to find a plan that works for you. Therefore, if something isn’t working for you we will regroup, so you feel supported and heard. 

Is Online Therapy Safe?

Yes! We use a HIPPA Compliant online platform called Simple Practice. You will receive a link before our session and you will be able to log in so you can begin your session with your online therapist. 

If you’re wondering how to enhance your online experience. Then we would suggest finding an area and space where you feel comfortable and safe. Reduce any distractions in your area, so if you can tell your family and friends this is a time where you will not be available that will benefit you! Turn off any distractions, and wear headphones for complete privacy. Perhaps even running a fan or white noise can help enhance any privacy on your end. 

Young black girl in yellow shirt smiling. We serve everyone. If you're seeking therapy for working professionals, therapy for life transitions or therapy for high achievers, we can help! Begin online therapy in Michigan and begin moving forward.

Begin Online Therapy in Michigan for Mental Health Support!

As busy women or high-functioning individuals, we have a lot going on. With kids, family, relationships, and work. Additionally, you may be a young professional, young adult, or you’re experiencing a life transition. We can provide guidance. Our Detroit, MI counseling practice has therapists who specialize in working with people of color and minorities. We know that asking for help isn’t easy, but we want to provide a therapy service where you feel heard and seen. Your experiences are valid. No matter where you are in your mental health journey, we will meet you where you are. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Contact Introspective Counseling  
  2. Meet with one of our skilled online therapists!
  3. Begin balancing the demands of everyday life at a rate that supports you!

Additional Services Offered at Introspective Counseling

Regardless of what you’re dealing with, getting support matters. Our therapy practice is a place for anyone at any stage of life to get help. We work with women to address these issues as well as provide screening and assessment for other mood and mental health issues including postpartum depression, anxiety and perfectionism, depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD and trauma, marriage counseling and couples therapy, therapy for moms, life transitions, grief counseling, therapy for high achievers, and services for entrepreneurs and professionals. Additionally, we do offer services for men. If you believe that our approaches and values align with what you’re seeking in a therapist, we would be honored to work with you in person or online today!