Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

What does the research say about marriage counseling and couples therapy?

If you remain in a relationship with your partner long enough you will experience ups and downs. This is a normal part of a healthy relationship. People disagree and that is ok. However, if the downs are lasting longer or happening more frequently than normal,  it may be time to consider marriage counseling and couples therapy.

Most experts agree that it is more beneficial to consider therapy before you “need to”. This is because by the time you “need to” things have gotten to a point where it may feel like there’s no return.  This is when resentment, anger, and avoidance begin to set, which will make it more challenging to get the results you are seeking in a short term.  Simply put, waiting it out despite the warning signs may result in much more work and greater emotional and financial investment. 

Why are relationships struggling?

Many of us struggle in our relationships because we’ve had poor models, have unfair expectations of others, or are seeking to have all of our needs met by one person. Rather than being whole on our own, we expect our partner to fulfill this need. Issues of frustrated attachment, distrust, fear of engaging a partner, traumatic experiences (past or present), and issues of intimacy are just some of the ways problems in our relationships are experienced.  

Stressful Life Transitions Can Affect Your Relationships

Others may have challenges due to a recent event or life transition. This can strain the emotional resources of the marriage or partnership. To name a few, deaths, moves, illnesses, financial strain, parenting, infidelity, empty nests, and career stresses can greatly impact the relationship. Which can ultimately cause and create emotional distance in a time when support is needed the most.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy in Detroit, MI Can Help!

Our couples therapists aim is to compassionately examine issues and find the ways it has impacted your relationship. We do this while exploring and developing new and adaptive ways for you to address and resolve conflict/ We hope through couples therapy you can express and connect with one another on a more meaningful level.  

How do I know if we need couples therapy in Detroit, MI?

  • You’re not feeling loved 

  • Communication isn’t happening

  • You are having difficulty expressing feelings which may be resulting in distancing or disconnection

  • Partners feel no support

  • One partner is doing more than the other

  • Someone has sought intimacy outside of the relationship

  • You find it difficult to trust your partner

  • Frequent arguments over conflicts that continue to go unresolved

  • If you’re feeling alone or lonely in the relationship

  • Lack of emotional or sexual intimacy in relationships

What should I expect from marriage counseling and couples therapy?

Before your first session, you and your partner will be instructed to complete and submit separate couples intakes. The first session typically involves the couples therapist getting to know you and reviewing the areas of the relationship you hope to improve and setting goals. 


It may take more than one session to set goals, but you will receive homework in each session to practice the skills of communication, emotional expression and attunement learned during your sessions.  


Each session provides the opportunity to continue to process what you are learning about yourself and your partner. You will also discuss issues and practice communication skills. Lastly,  we will fine-tune the skills learned in the previous session to apply for the future.

What is the rate/investment?

Because most insurance policies have restrictions on couples therapy, we do not accept insurance for this service. Let us know if you have any questions about our rates. Feel free to refer to our FAQ page for additional questions about therapy in Detroit, MI. 

Intake – $185
Subsequent Sessions – $165

How long does therapy take?

Every couple’s needs are different and the time it takes to see results is dependent upon what the couple’s problems are.  A couple who is ahead of the problem settling in and who puts forth moderate effort is likely to see some results after 3-5 sessions. While a couple who has waited years to address a problem and puts forth the same effort may require 10 or more sessions before seeing results.  There is no set number of sessions that can truly indicate when to end therapy. Ultimately, after looking at your relationship in marriage counseling and couples therapy, you and your partner should make this decision as to whether you’re ready to end therapy or continue.