Introspective Counseling
24445 Northwestern Hwy. Suite 220
Southfield, MI 48075
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Introspective Counseling 24445 Northwestern Hwy Suite 220, Southfield, MI 48075   (248) 242-5545

Eugene McDonald MA, LLPC

Michigan Limited Licensed Counselor
photo of Eugene McDonald MA, LLPC

At times life’s struggles can lead to a need to adjust to things thrown your way unexpectedly. In these cases, feelings of anxiety, sadness or adjustments can become overwhelming and require some outside assistance to help us think things through and sort out our choices. Individuals with these concerns may want to find a place to assist them while maintaining their privacy, dignity and respect.

Over my thirty years in the field, I have worked in the community, schools, detention facilities, youth placement and adult mental health facilities. I have worked with teens struggling with delinquency & identity, adults dealing with depression, career instability and other life concerns. In these areas I have used DBT, mindfulness, CBT, SFBT and ACT principles and techniques.

I completed a Bachelor’s of Public Administration in Criminal Justice at Wayne State University; Masters of Arts in Change Management a Davenport University and Masters of Arts in Counseling with a emphasis on Clinical Mental Health and Rehabilitation at Wayne State University. 

It is important to me to create a safe and productive environment for self-growth for my clients. My goal is to assist clients, sort out and achieve their therapeutic goals. If you are looking for or need to find an empathetic ear, a non-judgmental voice or a reflective place of insight, my training and experience can be of assistance to you.