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Life Transitions Counseling

Do You Feel Like You’re Out In Uncharted Waters?

Is this new chapter of your life not what you thought it would be? Has reality not matched your expectations? Some days, do you feel like adulting is just plain impossible? 

Maybe you’ve had a career change, become a new parent, or lost a loved one. Perhaps you went through a breakup or divorce and now you’re a single mom trying to make it on your own. Or maybe you’re a first-generation immigrant who’s made life choices that your family doesn’t agree with, causing tension with your loved ones. 

All the changes in your life may have thrown off your normal routine and left you feeling a bit lost. As a result, you probably wish there was someone who could help you find your way again. 

Perhaps this season of change was something you wanted. But now that it’s here, you feel confused and scared. This is especially common if you’re a new mom or dad. People probably told you how exciting parenting is, but they didn’t tell you how exhausted you’d be. You might feel guilty and ashamed that this new life is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Additionally, if you’re a woman of color, you might be struggling with the imposter syndrome that society imposes on new moms like you. It’s like you’re supposed to be superwoman—responsible for everyone and everything at all times.

Deep down, you probably wish that the hard part was over and the joy could begin. Here at Introspective Counseling, our mission is to walk with you through this time of transition and help you navigate the natural ebbs and flows of life.

Even The Best Of Changes Can Be Stressful

Our Narratives Are Always Changing, And So Are We

Change is the essence of life. It’s what makes us who we are. After all, none of us are the same person we were ten years ago. There is great wisdom in welcoming the reality of change and accepting that there will be uncertainty. It’s okay not to have it all figured out. 

Unfortunately, our society has generated so many unrealistic expectations for what life should look like. We have all these idealized versions in our heads of what marriage, parenting, and moving entail. Social media only makes things worse—we see influencers and mommy bloggers posting their picture-perfect families and star-crossed relationships. When our reality doesn’t match their fairytale, we “compare and despair” and think we’re the only ones struggling.

We’re starting to challenge old ideas about family, gender, and relationship roles. As great as these changes are, they often lead to conflict within families. What if we don’t want to parent the way our parents did? Or what if we want to leave a toxic marriage, but our families don’t believe in divorce? 

It’s hard to balance being your own person with respecting your family and culture. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. Our skilled and compassionate therapists are here to help you clarify your values, work through relationship issues, and create a roadmap for the future. 

Many Of The Cultural And Generational “Shoulds” We Grew Up With Are Crumbling

Counseling Can Help You Navigate Life Transitions Confidently And Fearlessly

Let’s face it: we aren’t the people that we told ourselves we’d be. Many of us set out on a path that was ours and then got sidetracked by everyone else’s expectations. One moment we were living our lives without a care in the world and the next we had to be a mom, a spouse, a tutor, a chef, and a breadwinner all in one. With all the time spent on other people’s needs, it’s hard to make time for ourselves.

Therapy is a time to make space for self-care. With us, you don’t have to be superman or superwoman—you can just be yourself. Whether you’re navigating a breakup, a career change, or the responsibilities of being a new mom or dad, we are confident that counseling can help you reduce burnout and lower your stress.

What To Expect In Sessions

A lot of life transitions therapy focuses on unlearning the internalized expectations you grew up with. Together, we can explore questions like: who would you be if you set aside people’s expectations? How can you practice hearing your own voice when that voice has always belonged to someone or something else?

In this way, counseling is all about finding your own voice again. It’s about carving your own path and becoming who you really are. We want you to get in touch with your values and figure out where they differ from other people’s values. This way, you can stay true to yourself as you embark on this new chapter of your life. You can let go of the patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you and act based on what you value most. 

Ultimately, we’ll never push you to make changes before you’re ready. We’re here to let you lead the way. After all, we believe you already have the answers within you. Our goal is to help you access those answers for yourself. We want you to tap into your strengths and resources so that you can weather whatever storms come your way.

You May Have Some Questions About Life Transitions Counseling…

You can, but that friend might not be as objective as you’d like. No matter how loving and supportive they are, they may be biased about your relationships and life decisions. A friend is inside of your picture; a therapist is on the outside, able to look at your life transitions with a clearer and more unbiased perspective. 

Anxiety includes both worry and excitement. And it’s normal for the worry surrounding a new experience to eclipse the excitement. After all, no one can anticipate all the emotions they’ll feel when they get married, become a new parent, or switch careers. Life transitions counseling can help you work through those difficult emotions so that you can rediscover your sense of joy and excitement. 

As therapists, our role is not to give advice or tell you what to do. We’re here to support you and help you reflect on what you want out of life. That doesn’t mean we’ll encourage you to go against your family. We want to help you be true to yourself while still supporting and honoring your loved ones and your culture. 

Change Is Hard. You Don’t Have To Navigate It Alone.

When change comes, you can either move with it or against it. Introspective Counseling specializes in helping new parents, single moms, and other people move with the ebbs and flows of life. To get started, you can use the contact form or call 248-242-5545.

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