You Are More Than Enough

Women of color are natural healers, nurturers and caretakers. We have been taught to anticipate and provide for the needs of others to our detriment. We are taught to suppress, to be independent, autonomous and to avoid asking for help as these are all ways to ensure a facade of strength. Paradoxically, true courage and strength are demonstrated through vulnerability – an acknowledgement that help is needed and then taking steps to access help.

Women are two times more likely than men to experience depression and anxiety, especially during life transitions that can include but are definitely not limited to: going away to college, career changes, career entry, marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, infertility, divorce/break up and even promotion.

We work with women to address these issues as well as provide screening and assessment for other mood and mental health issues including: postpartum depression, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and trauma.

Therapy For The Modern Woman

We honor you as the expert on yourself and provide a safe space for you to rediscover yourself while exploring, defining or redefining your values.

As a team, you and your therapist will create a plan that focuses on targeting the thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of your actions aligning with your values.

Whatever the barrier, we believe that you are fully competent and capable of achieving your goals and would be honored to have the opportunity to partner with you on your journey toward peace and wellness.