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Therapy for Life Transitions

You may be a parent who is doing it all, but you are getting so tired of the routine.  

Maybe you’re the sole breadwinner in your family and you are burnt out.  

Perhaps, you are either newly single or have been for a while, and you are struggling to navigate the dating world.  

Or you are a caregiver and the stress from the responsible is catching up with you. 


Black woman in beige sweater bitting nails and looking worried. When you're going through changes life is stressful. Whether good or bad, therapy for life transitions in Detroit, MI can help you breathe. Whether you need caregiver support, support for mom burnout, or relationship therapy for singles. We are here to help! 

Our narratives are always changing. No matter where we are, you can expect that life will shift during some seasons. Some of these changes may be good while others are more stressful. Sometimes bringing grief, anger, and pain. With all the changes that may be showing up, you may find yourself struggling with kids and parenting, relationships, work, and even taking care of parents or grandparents.  

Despite the unexpected circumstances, we are resilient people. When change comes, we either move with it or against it. This brings up fears, shame, and exhaustion. Naturally, this may impact your mental health and cause you to need more support than you anticipated. At Introspective Counseling in Detroit, MI, there are many reasons a person in a life transition may come to therapy, but we are here to listen and support you through each change.  

Common Reasons People Come into Therapy for Life Transitions  

Parenting Burnout and Mom Burnout 

Many women who are overwhelmed moms are dealing with similar struggles as you. Mom’s love their children, but they feel they are doing it all which leads to mom burnout. You want to raise happy, healthy, and confident children, but sometimes, when you are always doing all the work as a stressed-out working mom, it can become overwhelming. We want to do what is best for our kids, but when we are not taking care of ourselves, burnout sets in and leaves us frustrated. When you are parenting on your own, or the sole breadwinner in the family and still expected to do the most, mom burnout can set in more quickly than normal. It may be time to get a second perspective on managing this. 

Caregivers Support

Taking care of family members, whether parents, siblings, grandparents, is both rewarding and complicated. On the one hand, it is an honor, but I can also leave you feeling burnt out and worried about the future. With all the effort you spend taking care of your family, you hardly have time to live your life and take care of yourself. It is like you are losing yourself. If you are experiencing overwhelm, changes in appetite, loss of interest in activities, low energy, and are beginning to neglect your own basic needs, it may be time to get help with caregiver support.

Relationships Advice for Singles  

Developing a meaningful connection is not always easy. Some people get into relationships easily, while others take time. Often therapists provide services for couples and married individuals, but what about singles who are working on themselves to be in healthy relationships? If you are tired of picking the wrong people, being in toxic relationships, or need help developing more satisfying and sustainable relationships, then therapy can help. It may be hard to voice why your relationships are unsatisfying or where growth can occur, but a therapist can help you break down barriers in relationship therapy for singles in Detroit, MI.

Other areas we can help in include: 

Older black woman smiling. Life is full of transitions. Whether you're an older adult with parents needing caregiver support. A young adult needing relationship therapy for singles, or an overwhelmed mom needing support from mom burnout, our therapists are here to guide you!

Therapy for Life Transitions in Detroit, MI Can Help You Thrive!  

Life changes may throw off your normal routine and leave you a bit lost. Often people experience extreme amounts of anxiety, depression, and stress. You may be feeling grief as you take care of a parent who may be near the end of life, or you are struggling to work through seeing your parents’ age. Perhaps, you are a parent, and you find less and less time for yourself to breathe, which leads to burnout. Or you are dealing with situation ships, toxic relationships, struggle to maintain or get into relationships, or are new into the dating world. Lastly, you may be a stressed-out working mom who is tired of being the breadwinner. You are always relying on yourself, and so is everyone else.  

When life changes, you either change with it or not. Often when we are not expecting a transition it can affect our mental health in ways that leave us struggling to get back up again, but our online therapists are skilled at helping individuals produce self-care plans that make sense for their life and needs. Let us walk through this change with you as you figure out the next steps in therapy for life transitions in Detroit, MI.

The Introspective Counseling Approach to Therapy for Life Transitions!  

At Introspective Counseling, you will meet with a skilled therapist that can help you manage the stress and overwhelm of this season. In therapy in Detroit, you will be heard and validated about your circumstances. We can help you address patterns in your behavior that are not serving you in this season, while also helping you produce a plan and goals to help you move forward. Additionally, your therapist will meet you where you are. We will not force you to make changes before you are ready, we are simply here to be your guide, but the answer is within you.  

During online therapy, we may pull from modalities such as CBT, EMDR, Brainspotting, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness. We specialize our sessions to each client because we are all unique and have unique needs.  

Black women with head out window of car smiling. Although life changes are stressful at times, getting the support you need in therapy for life transitions in detroit, MI can put your experience in perspective. Get started with relationship therapy for singles, caregiver support, therapy for moms, and more today!

What is holding you back from beginning therapy for life transitions in Detroit, MI?  

Life changes all the time, but when big life changes affect your mental health and keep you from thriving, then it may help to get a second option on what to do next. Our therapists are here to serve you. At our online counseling practice in Detroit, MI, you will work with a skilled therapist who specializes in therapy for life transitions for caregivers, parenting burnout, relationship issues, and work-life balance via online therapy in Detroit, MI. To get started on your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:  

  1. Contact Introspective Counseling  
  2. Meet with your skilled therapists.  
  3. Begin taking back your power and become more resilient!  

Other Services Offered at Introspective Counseling  

Therapy for life transitions is not the only service we offer at our Detroit, MI practice. Other services include counseling for marriage counseling and couples therapy, therapy for students and life transitions, and therapy for professionals, therapy for moms, LGBTQIA+ counseling, EMDR Therapy, and therapy for anxiety and perfectionism. We also offer therapy for depression, PTSD, grief, and loss, and more.  All of our services are offered in-person and via online therapy in Michigan. Our therapists are excited to work with you. We specialize in working with couples, families, and women of color. Whatever your goals are, our team will work to create a plan that focuses on targeting the thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of your actions aligning with your values. We look forward to working with you. Begin therapy with us today!