High Achievers & Young Adults

You’re starting a new chapter in life. ​ Perhaps, you’re graduating high school or college, or changing careers. ​ You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and confused about what to do next and how to handle the changes you’re going through.

High School Students

You’re at the edge of high school into college, there is a lot to consider. Graduation, filling out college applications, essays, living in a new environment. You have a lot of options. At this time you’re also exploring more relationships, friendships, and opportunities. You may have parental expectations that you have to filter out. On top of that, you are discovering whom you are while listening to the opinions of others.

Looking forward to the future provides a sense of newness and freedom. Maybe, you had this picture in your head of finding the perfect group of friends, the perfect job, finding your voice, and figuring out who you are in school, work, and relationships. Or you’re moving, starting a new relationship, or changing careers.  

Now that you have “arrived,” life may look different during this life transition. Whether it’s high school to college, college to work, college to graduate school, or post-education life,  life is harder than anticipated.

High school is a time of trying out your newfound freedom. College is a time to discover yourself and figure out who you are while graduate school is a time to further develop your professional presence, and post-grad is a new adventure of its own.  Now you’re worried about the pressures of family, culture, friends, and even yourself. The truth is you’ve been given a path without a road map.  At Introspective Counseling, we have online therapists based in Detroit, MI who are here to help you navigate these challenging life transitions. 

College Students

The freedom of beginning college can be very attractive on the surface.  You have finished high school and just entered an exciting and scary time of your life. Of course, there are parties and late nights with friends with no parental oversight and supervision. The dreams and hopes of achieving more for yourself and your family.  But there are also grades, relationships, identity, and performance-based expectations to worry about, and sometimes they can eclipse all of the great things.  Plus the growing realization that you have to learn to be an independent adult. You may also experience fear of potential assault on college campuses, microaggressions, dealing with new people who don’t get your particular experience as a person of color. This time of life transition is completely normal and expected. There are so many changes happening and you may not know where to start – and that’s okay.


Who We Help Through Therapy for High Achievers in Detroit, MI: ​

Our therapists are skilled at helping teens, adults, and couples thrive. We understand the challenges many individuals experience, especially as they enter into new phases of their lives. Whatever changes you’re dealing with here are some of the ways we can help you.  

Graduate Students and Professionals

Making a decision for graduate school isn’t easy. Once you get started expectations are too high. Plus you have to find the right internships to get where you want. But this is only one aspect of school, you’re dealing with whether to work or live at home. You may realize how much your racial identity impacts you in the world, Finances are tricky and if you’re at a private or high-performing school you may be under constant pressure to perform academically well all the time. 

One option we offer at Introspective Counseling, for Psychology and Social Work graduate students is an opportunity to create wellness and self-care plans.

Reasons young adults come to therapy for high achievers in Detroit?

Our therapists can help you overcome any emotions you may be experiencing while you’re going through times of change in your life. We specialize in helping you develop a healthy work-life balance and can offer you skills to cope with challenges you may face during this time.

Here are a few reasons students, professionals, and those life transitions begin therapy: ​

  • Self-esteem 

  • Anxiety

  • Struggling with racial identity 

  • Body image 

  • Peer conflict

  • School performance

  • Career performance/dissatisfaction

  • Balancing work/school/family life

  • Financial concerns

  • Relational concerns

  • Grief and loss

  • Trauma(s)

  • Marriage

  • Having kids

Post Grad Adult Life and Careers

Entering young adulthood is challenging for all of us during normal times, but navigating young adulthood through a pandemic is exceptionally burdensome. Some of us may be finding that home is a challenging place to be, or that it’s more difficult to be motivated to get homework/classwork done. Perhaps, there is little motivation to do anything other than sleep.  It’s completely normal to be experiencing higher than normal anxiety or depressive symptoms but where should you draw the line, when is it too much?  

In the midst of everything, once you graduate, you then begin your journey to being a fully functioning adult. However, sometimes we can hold expectations of what life will look like and instead we end up having these expectations shattered. 

While you’re excited to have a career, you may be in a job that doesn’t live up to your standards and expectations. Or, you may be someone making money, but you are stressed about high-pressure job standards or deadlines. You may be stressed about moving, being in a new social environment, or changing careers. You may be thinking where do I fit in the bigger picture?

Couples and Life Transitions

Likewise, couples go through seasons of life transitions and need time to take a breath. When you’re responsible for more than yourself, counseling can provide a new and healthy perspective on where you need to go next, but also addresses potential relationship stresses that occur due to the challenges life may throw your way. Therapy for high achievers or even marriage counseling and couples therapy can help.

How Can Therapy for High Achievers in Detroit, MI Help You?

We are well versed in the trials and tribulations of young adulthood including the impact of social media, the stress of performance, and creating realistic expectations.  We help students and young adults to better understand their feelings while teaching coping strategies including mindfulness strategies to connect with the present moment, organizational and prioritization strategies, and assertive communication techniques.

After working with an online therapist, you will learn to identify thoughts and behaviors that are unhelpful. For example, you will learn how to reframe negative thoughts into more positive ones. For example, you may think “I am not good enough or don’t have the necessary skills to apply for that job, so I won’t bother.” But, you could replace this thought with, “this is a job I want. I am going to apply and no matter what happens, it will be a good learning opportunity. 

You will also learn useful tools to cope with distress, so you will have the confidence to face life’s inevitable challenges with that courage that comes from knowing “I’ve got this.” Our main approach to therapy in Detroit, MI is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, but we also pull from CBTBrainspotting, Mindfulness, and Narrative Therapy at times. While we are here to help, the answer is ultimately within you. We are excited to begin therapy with you today!

Here are some forms of insurance we accept at our therapy practice:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • McLaren (commercial)

  • Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts

Begin Therapy for High Achievers and Young Adults in Detroit, MI With Us Today!

Whatever the barrier, we believe that you are fully competent and capable of achieving your goals and would be honored to have the opportunity to partner with you on your journey toward peace and wellness. Counseling can help you discover yourself, find balance, and live out your education and professional life with more direction.  Our Detroit, MI counseling practice has caring therapists who specialize in therapy for high achievers and professionals. We are truly ready to meet you where you are at. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Introspective Counseling 

  2. Meet with one of our empathetic therapists

  3. Overcome fear and embrace uncertainty​ with your life transitions.

Additional Services Offered at Introspective Counseling

At introspective Counseling, we provide more than therapy for high achievers and professionals. We work with women to address these issues as well as provide screening and assessment for other mood and mental health issues including postpartum depression, anxiety and perfectionism, depression, bipolar disorder and traumamarriage counseling and couples therapy, grief counseling, therapy for moms, life transitions, online therapy in Michigan, LGBTQIA+ counseling, EMDR Therapy, and services for entrepreneurs and professionals. We are confident that our skills and expertise can help you discover and achieve the life that you want for yourself and would be honored to join you on your journey to wellness. Begin therapy with us today!