Habits of Highly Successful People

By Jarrette Wright-Booker LPC, CAADC You probably clicked on this article hoping to add a couple of tips to your quest for a success tool bag. Well, this ain’t it. This is the article for individuals seeking or considering therapy for high achievers. This article is meant to challenge your idea of success and hopefully […]

An Open Letter to Men

To the men in my life: I love you. Truly, I love you for always doing your best. I appreciate you for always striving for better. And, I love and admire your fortitude. I love that even when the pressures of life get to you, you somehow muster up the strength to keep going. I admire you for the selfless […]

4 Strategies For Overcoming Perfectionism

Man covered in sticky notes

interferes with your ability to form or maintain relationships, or causes you to struggle with performance, there are steps you can take to break free from perfectionism.

3 Reasons To Try Online Therapy in the State of Michigan

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The state of Michigan shut down resulted in therapy rooms closed, and the demand for online platforms that are HIPAA compliant, and easy for our clients to navigate as they seek out the best therapist. So if you are new to the online therapy platform, you are in for a real journey into the 21st century of mental health. 

On Self Care: Self-Care Tips

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Despite always having the highest levels of labor market participation, Black women are still more likely to be paid less and more likely excluded from or discriminated against when seeking careers in professional fields.