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EMDR Therapy

Dealing with trauma can leave you feeling stuck

shame and guilt manifest differently for everyone

It can feel uncomfortable when you’re held back by anxiety, depression, or the recurring trauma of a past event   The trauma could be linked to childhood, oppression, abuse, and so much more   This can leave you feeling pain, anger, frustration, and an overall feeling of being stuck.

Dealing with trauma can leave you feeling stuck. You may have the weight of school, work, family, relationships, and racial injustice on your shoulders. Perhaps, you are a put-together and strong individual, but now you are weighed down by the pressure of performing high, being there for others, all while trying to manage your struggles and mental health. Honestly is EXHAUSTING…  

It seems no matter how you try to move forward, it feels like you are taking ten steps back. Here is the thing, we all experience trauma in some capacity. Some of us have big T traumas from witnessing trauma events, injuries, or sudden events we had no control over. Other people experience small t traumas. These are experienced in small doses over time, usually starting in childhood. We often normalize these experiences and suppress them. However, after pushing down these issues for so long, eventually, it boils back up until we can no longer control the emotions and pain, they bring with them. 

At Introspective Counseling in Detroit, MI, we get it. Trauma, anxiety, and depression all go hand in hand. They are not easy to deal with on your own, but there is a way to find healing and relief. That is why our EMDR therapists offer EMDR therapy in Detroit, MI. Together we can unpack what is holding you back so you can find a way forward.

EMDR therapy in Detroit, MI is a unique type of therapy that helps you get rid of negative feelings and emotional distress. EMDR allows the mind to process and heal through psychological trauma. Although EMDR is a terrific way to move forward, it Is not a band-aid for dealing with the past, it is important to confront what has been holding you back with a follow-up such as talk therapy, ACT therapy, or CBT. Essentially, EMDR helps you create new memories of the event and properly process the feelings that you could not at the time. The goal is to clean and heal the hurt, not cover it up. We do this through bilateral stimulation and an eight-step process for confronting the past. 

What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy is Not a Quick Fix

Know that EMDR therapy is not a fast way to deal with trauma, it is a way to unlock the experiences and memories that you are dealing with, so you begin processing them. Its purpose is to help you no longer feel fear and frustration about the past. Our EMDR therapists will help you understand and deal with these memories in a safe environment for you and your needs. Finding a temporary solution for trauma is not enough, but with the guidance of EMDR and talk therapy you can find healing. 

EMDR therapy can help you overcome a wide range of traumas and anxieties that have been holding you back. Our EMDR therapists can help you with:  

  • Chronic Illness and medical issues  
  • Depression and bipolar disorders  
  • Dissociative disorders  
  • Eating disorders  
  • Grief and loss  
  • Pain  
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias  
  • Performance anxiety  
  • Personality disorders  
  • PTSD and other trauma and stress-related issues  
  • Sleep disturbance  
  • Substance abuse and addiction  
  • Violence and abuse  

What can EMDR therapy help with?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Can Help You Move Forward

If you’re tired of being held back by the trauma we can help you. Trauma can leave you feeling angry, hurt, isolated, and alone. It’s challenging to know whether there is a way out. Plus, dealing with the symptoms of trauma can harm your romantic relationships, family, friends, and off-put your day-to-day tasks. If you’re tired of reliving the past, then let us support you. Many people have found freedom and healing from this process and we would love to help you too.  

In EMDR therapy in Detroit, MI is important to us that you are cared for, feel safe, and are truly able to process the trauma to move forward. This can be a challenging process, but it can do wonders for you as you begin your recovery and healing journey. We offer EMDR for trauma, EMDR for anxiety, and EMDR for depression. Our EMDR therapists hope to help you through this process so you can live life on your terms. No longer do you need to be held back by trauma, but instead you can be a renewed person.   

In eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, we will take you through the 8-step process of EMDR during each session. 

Introspective Counseling's Approach to EMDR Therapy

The 8 Step Process EMDR Uses

We will address your history and begin developing a plan for treatment in a way that acknowledges the roots of trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief.   

We will address your history and begin developing a plan for treatment in a way that acknowledges the roots of trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief.   

Together we will recognize and process the images, beliefs, feelings, and sensations you’re experiencing. We will address baseline measures before the reprocessing begins.

Then we will use eye movements, taps, and BLS while you are recalling the traumatic event. 

We want to address the positive belief that we want to associate with the target event until it feels true. 

The next step is to ask you to acknowledge the target event and a positive belief while you’re scanning your body from head to toe. We want to address any lingering distress in the body during this time. 

It's important that during the closure, you’re feeling calm, present, and safe. Whether the processing is complete or not, we want you to feel neutral about the event.  

At the next session, together you and your EMDR therapist will discuss what you processed to understand the distress and positive recognition associated with it. 

When You’re Ready, Begin EMDR Therapy in Detroit, MI!   

Trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, can hold you back. However, we know that unlocking the experiences that are so deeply hidden can provide a sense of relief and healing on your journey. You’re capable of unlocking your past and what is manifesting underneath, and our team is here to help you in this process. Our EMDR therapists, at our Detroit, MI counseling practice know that healing from this takes time. That is why we specialize in working with women, people of color, and minorities. Our goal is to work with you in EMDR therapy and talk therapy to reach your goals. You are valid and so are your experiences. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:   

  1. Contact Introspective Counseling    

  1. Meet with one of our skilled EMDR therapists!  

  1. Unlock the experiences you’ve have been avoiding and begin living life on your terms. 

Trauma is an experience that can tag team with depression, anxiety, and grief. You do not need to deal with this alone. The healing process is not fast, but it is worth it. It is time to begin moving forward and living a life where you’re not constantly down or on edge. We would be honored to take this journey with you.